I don’t think I squee enough about all the wonderful audio fiction out there. I spend a lot of time staring at computer screens so in the hope that I won’t be completely blind by the time I’m sixty, I try to not use my eyes for reading when I can. Thus my love affair with audiobooks and fiction podcasts. They allow me to still experience fiction while also giving my tortured eyes a bit of a rest.

I love Audible, despite my very deserved, very loud annoyance at them back in December. They have a HUGE selection of books, mostly read by great readers in all the genres you could possibly imagine. And at least compared to the Finnish audiobook prices theirs are very reasonable. My only enduring complaint is that my credits always run out way too fast. Too many good books to choose from so I always just end up trying to get them all.

Lightspeed Podcast
Lightspeed is by far my favorite SFF magazine and thus their podcast deserves pride of place. Lightspeed publishes four short stories of science fiction and four of fantasy each month, four of which appear in the podcast. I’m pretty sure all of the fiction appears for free on their site but I’m not 100% sure because I’ve been subscribing for a few years now and always read it on my e-reader instead.

Welcome to Night Vale
If you haven’t heard about Welcome to Night Vale yet then it is entirely possible that you have been kept away from the internet in which case I’m very sorry for your experience. But just in case; Welcome to Night Vale is a podcast masquerading as a community radio show in a small desert community of Night Vale. There are weird, weird things going on that have been going on for long enough to become par for the course for Night Vale residents. The radio show is hosted by Cecil who is in love with the town’s resident scientist Carlos, there is a seven headed dragon and a Faceless Woman running for mayor, angels living with Old Woman Josie and you never, ever go near the dog park.

Speaking of unspeakable horrors, Lightspeed’s sister magazine Nightmare operates on much the same principle, under the same editor. The biggest difference being that Nightmare focuses on horror instead of science fiction and fantasy.

Apex Magazine
Apex is another one of the magazines I consider big name magazines in SFF. Also on my subscription list, I listen to the stories they release in podcast form and read the rest on my tablet. The current issue features an absolutely gorgeous story by Ursula Vernon in the podcast which is well worth a listen.

Pseudopod is another fantastic podcast focusing solely on horror. I had a chance to meet the host Alasdair Stuart at WFC and he was an incredibly nice man. While Pseudopod is free, you should also support it because it’s a fabulous podcast for scary fiction run by wonderful people.

Clarkesworld is the last fiction podcast on my list but not the least by any means. The magazine features a lot of truly beautiful writing, by awe-inspiring authors. Again, one of the magazines I subscribe to so I’m not 100% certain but the content seems to all be online for free as well but it is of course well worth subscribing.

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe
The Skeptics’ Guide is not fiction but it is very entertaining. Every week the cast talks about topics around science and pseudoscience and I totally consider listening to it as research and idea generation. Often laugh-out-loud funny, they also take a very serious attitude about promoting science literacy which you should know by now that I’m all for.