Writing by Jeffrey James Pacres

In an effort to keep myself working consistently I started using the Magic Spreadsheet last summer. Today is my 237th consecutive day of writing. Since it’s working out so well for me, I’m also trying to make myself accountable by sharing my projects here as well.

So here’s what I’m working on January 2014:

I’m taking Dean Wesley Smith’s workshop on character and setting which means that every week I’ll have new homework to do that pretty much takes presedence over everything except the day job.

Lonely Souls
My NaNoWriMo novel that got thrown aside in favor of surviving December. It’s the story of a half human succubus trying to find her own way in the modern world. First draft is about halfway there and the way is clear.

Space Pirates without a title
The story about two sisters who ended up among a crew of space pirates. They pull a heist that goes horribly, horribly wrong. Outline almost finished.

Librarians without a title
I’ve been trying to write this book for three years now and in November I think I finally managed to figure out the story I want to tell first with the help of Dean Wesley Smith’s plotting workshop. Outline started.

Holding Out for a Hero
I’ve been submitting to Writers of the Future every quarter since last spring and plan to keep doing so until I win or become otherwise ineligible (professionally published novel or more than three short stories). The next story is about someone who desperately wants to be a superhero but isn’t in a world where superheroes are real.