Miscellany the first:
I finally finished the novel late Sunday night. This is me still today:

It’s the third novel I’ve managed to finish. The last was in 2010 so I think, I hope, that I’ve developed as a writer since. And while there is much wrong with it at this point, I think it’s actually rather good.

Miscellany the second:
The #YesAllWomen on Twitter. It is uncomfortable, sad and immensely important. If you haven’t read it yet, do so immediately.

Miscellany the third:
You know about the fight going on between Amazon and Hatchette, right? Basically Amazon decided to lower the publisher’s cut of book sales and publisher Hatchette decided they didn’t want to take a lower percentage for the same price of book. Books are vanishing, preorders removed etc. Tobias Buckell points out that Amazon is behaving exactly like every other similarly huge company in history has behaved.

Miscellany the fourth:
Considering the previous two pieces of miscellany, I think Emergency kittens are totally in order. Enjoy!