It’s not exactly a secret that I’m not really a fan of the whole Ant-Man movie concept. Sure, Henry Pym is the father of Ultron but as it stands, Henry Pym is likely to be only a tangential character in the Ant-Man movie, given that it also features Scott Lang. According to rumors, Age of Ultron will rewrite canon so that Tony Stark will actually become the father of Ultron, in his quest to not need to be Iron Man anymore. And even if they keep the whole Ultron thing as is, Ant-Man is one of the least interesting characters in the Marvel Comics Universe (MCU). Which means that the end result of this movie should be pretty freaking awesome to get me to the theater. But since simply bitching and moaning about things like that won’t get us anywhere, here’s a list of characters that I think would make for a better movie.

5. Aurora

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Canadian to the core, separated from her twin brother at birth and raised by ultra-conservative nuns who abused her cruelly (notably not sexually), resulting in her trying to kill herself by jumping off a building and discovering that she could fly. After a charge of blasphemy and the resulting punishment, she split into two personalities; the joyful and uninhibited Aurora and the repressed and scared Jeanne-Marie. Aurora’s movie would be much darker than Marvel Studios movies so far have been but it would be an interesting challenge for Joss Whedon who has played around with similar themes in all of his TV-series. I don’t know if Mila Kunis would be interested in a superhero movie but she certainly could carry a movie like this.

4. Falcon

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This is the biggest wish fulfillment characters on this list. Sam Wilson is pretty well enmeshed into the Captain America story now and it’s unlikely that he’ll get his own origin story at this point. Wilson is a funny, sympathetic, loyal character who can fly and more or less talk to birds. He raised and trained his own falcon, which he called Redwing. Then Evil Nazi Scientists working with/under Red Skull managed to find a way to mentally fuse the two together which gave Wilson limited control over all kinds of other birds as well. It would totally be cool seeing Falcon chase criminals down, watching them through birds’ eyes. Think the paranoia of Blink (the Doctor Who episode) meets Captain America with flight powers. Awesomesauce! Plus Anthony Mackie, the actor who played Wilson in Captain America 2, is so geeked out about getting to play Falcon that I want him to get his own movie just for that. But since MCU made Wilson the new Captain America, I don’t think that’s going to happen on the movie side.

3. Captain Marvel

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Carol Danvers was an airforce pilot with a Type A personality before she met the alien Captain Marvel. She got caught in an explosion of a Kree device and became Ms Marvel back in the seventies. Since then she has been repeatedly mistreated at the hands of her writers but still managed to become one of the most popular MCU characters. After the death of Kree Captain Marvel, Carol assumed the nom the guerre and as of late she’s been working with the Avengers, partly at the behest of Steve Rogers. Danvers has long been in an on-again-off-again relationship with the Avengers for a few decades but she would totally tie in with the current line-up in the movies as well as being a great with in terms of tone and content, especially after Guardians of the Galaxy. I can’t think of anyone better to play Captain Marvel than Katee Sackhoff. Then again, the new Ms Marvel, Kamala Khan, would make for a rather fabulous movie too.

2. Black Panther

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A man who goes around fighting crime in an all-black outfit where the only thing you’ll ever see when he’s coming after you is a pair of glowing eyes. Basically Black Panther is a title of office, much like The Phantom. It is given to the leader of the Black Panther tribe, although a man named T’Challa has been Black Panther pretty much exclusively. During his life he has married Storm, defended Wakanda from aliens, supervillains, died and been resurrected, been the protector of Hell’s Kitchen while Daredevil tried to retire. He is strong, fast and intelligent and who doesn’t like seeing that in a superhero movie? Both Djimon Hounsou and Idris Elba would make for an amazing T’Challa.

1. She-Hulk

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A bad ass wrestler of a woman who’s also a lawyer who doesn’t give a rat’s ass for any nonsense, real or imaginary. The breaking of the fourth wall has become a staple of the series and a hilarious way to pull the reader in on a private joke between Jennifer and the audience. There are some people out there who apparently think that she’s a “Giant, green porn star“. “Slut-Hulk” got thrown around in the same conversation, which I suppose is fair since Jennifer isn’t at all shy about her sexuality when she becomes She-Hulk. Fair in the sense of being incredibly sex-negative, but descriptive in that context. I see She-Hulk the movie being a sort of Xena meets Suits headed by Gina Carano.

What Marvel movies would you love to see? Who would star in them?