I’m doing these “What I’m working on” -posts partly to keep myself accountable, partly to see which projects are cool to people who aren’t me and mostly to at least stop to think about the priorities of various and sundry projects I’m working on.

I’m starting to get too scattered again because lovely new projects keep calling for me and judging by my Ravelry queue and new projects, autumn is my time for starting new projects.

What I’m working on

Unnamed Space Pirates novel/series: Outlining nearly done. Space opera about two sisters and their crew who steal the wrong thing and end up running for their lives. At the moment I think this will be my NaNoWriMo novel this year so for once I think I’m going to be in great shape pre-writing wise when NaNo finally starts.

Unnamed Generationship novel: Worldbuilding and plotting. This is also my homework project for David Farland’s Story Puzzle course. Think communist Forsyte Saga in space. Also what this was about.

Petrichor: Short story about Mars terraformers. Outlined and ready to start.

Wiped: Revision. Needs to be out the door a week from now.

Lonely Souls (Name to change as soon as I think of a better one): Revision notes done. I’ve been working with a coach, Cathy Yardley, to get this thing to Done and I’m going to need to do an almost complete rewrite. But it’ll be good. Almost finished with new and improved outline featuring action plan.

Goodness I’m bad with names. Petrichor is probably the only one in this bunch I actually like and that’s probably because the story started forming when I learned what the word actually means (smell of rain on dry earth). How’s your September going?