I’m doing these “What I’m working on” -posts partly to keep myself accountable, partly to see which projects are cool to people who aren’t me and mostly to at least stop to think about the priorities of various and sundry projects I’m working on.

What I’m working on

The Avatar Legacy: Outlining nearly done. Space opera about two sisters and their crew who steal the wrong thing and end up running for their lives. This will be my NaNoWriMo novel this year so for once I think I’m going to be in great shape when NaNo finally starts.

Petrichor: Short story about Mars terraformers. Outlined and ready to start.

Familiar Phantoms (formerly Lonely Souls): Revision notes done. I’ve been working with a coach, Cathy Yardley, to get this thing to Done and I’m going to need to do an almost complete rewrite. But it’ll be good. Implementing the action plan that I made last month. This is also taking most of my time this month. My first book to head toward an editorial eye once this rewrite is done.