It’s NaNoWriMo time again! I’m abusing it again this year to get a good start on my next novel. This time the story is about two sisters who are essentially space pirates. They steal the wrong thing and soon discover that not only can they not escape the solar system they’re in, but if they get caught, there’s a fate worse than death awaiting for them. Here’s the beginning.

The shuttle came out of the sky like a screaming hunk of space junk. Certainly the passengers inside were screaming despite having known what to expect. Miki Kim silently revelled in the fact that she could still make even the roughest, toughest pirate pee his pants. It was one thing to like something and quite another to be seen liking it. She suppressed the smirk creeping onto her lips just in case.

“All I’m saying is,” she continued her earlier argument as if nothing happened. “You can’t just walk in like that.”

The man in the rabbit mask balked, as expected.

“And why not? This is an awesome costume,” he said.

Miki sighed. “Somebody help me out here before I drive us into the ground.”

Miki’s sister, Lara turned around in her seat to look at Cliff. Miki could see the laughter twitching her mouth but she was managing to hold it in which was a rare occurrence.

“Cliff, rabbits aren’t scary. You walk in like that you ruin the fear-inspiring reputation Miki here has been cultivating for years,” Lara said before she fell back, laughing, Braim’s deep laughter joining in with hers and mixing into a pleasant melody.

Miki rolled her eyes.

“You are useless,” she said.

Lara wiped or faked wiping a tear from her eye.

“You’re just saying that because it’s true,” she said, still laughing.

If she was completely honest, Miki was glad their humour was so high. She was not looking forward to this particular job. She had only agreed to participate after a unanimous vote to pull the job before leaving the system. So she quashed her worries, donned the pirate persona and took control of the shuttle.

“Seriously though, Cliff,” Miki said over the merriment of the people around her. “You’re waiting with the shuttle. That was the deal of you coming along at all.”

“We all know from the death-defying stunt that you just pulled that you’re perfectly capable of running the shuttle. I could go and you could stay.”

Miki shot Lara a warning look mostly to make her keep quiet. Lara bit her lips together but it was obvious that she was going to burst out laughing again any second. Miki wound the shuttle around the various tall buildings, doing evasive manouvers for the sake of the law enforcement that would eventually be on their tail. At least after she was done with them, they’d be chasing her tail through weeks of surveillance footage manually and by the time they found her shuttle, they’d be well out of the system.

“Cliff, you’re dressed like a bunny rabbit.”