From my current NaNoWriMo novel. You get no context because.

Lara stared around the room. She had always been good at this part of the job. She knew who to target and who to leave. She stepped over the bodies of cowering people until she got to the woman she wanted. She leaned down and nudged her with the gun.

“I think you know what I want,” she said, almost in a whisper so that only the two of them were privy to the conversation.

The woman’s lips tightened and she closed her eyes, praying to whatever gods she prayed to

“Come now, I’m pretty sure you don’t have anti-matter resistant clothing,” Lara said, her heart thumping loud enough that the other woman might hear.

For a few long seconds that seemed to stretch into minutes, Lara was afraid she’d really have to shoot the woman before she rose to her feet. Lara silently thanked whoever was listening and followed her to the vault. She pressed a spot on the wall that just a moment before had looked exactly like all other spots on the wall but now swung forward revealing a keypad. The woman pressed some keys and the vault door clanked open. Thyme grabbed the edge and pulled the heavy door after him as the woman collapsed back onto the floor. Lara almost whooped with excitement as she hurried forward. Before she was entirely conscious of doing so, she dove to the floor as a burst of laser singed the hair that wasn’t quite as quick to follow.

Her pistol dropped away from her in the same instant and Lara already saw her entire life flash before her eyes in expectation of a swift death. The expectation burst with the sound of screaming that exploded suddenly from the vault. Lara looked up to see a man being eaten from the hand up by antimatter. She covered her face, anxious not to see anything more that she had to. The screams went away with the sound of gurgling and Lara dry heaved as the usual scent of ozone intermingled with the taste and smell of rust that filled the small vault.

“I trust I have made my point,” Miki shouted from somewhere behind her, her voice steady and calm. “You don’t try to kill us, we don’t try to kill you!”

Lara got up, her hands shaking as she grabbed her gun and holstered it. A trickle of sweat made it down to her lips, stinging the lip she only now realised she had bitten. Thyme appeared from nowhere and handed her a bag to put the valuables in. Lara started emptying the shelves indiscriminately, carefully avoiding the spreading pool of blood and keeping her eyes anywhere but the corpse.