I am heathen. Living in a country with an official state church you’d think it’d be impossible to escape being baptized and included in some form of religion. But no, though many have tried.


Image via Pixabay

Being a heathen doesn’t prevent me from celebrating Christmas. Not the whole “Glory to the newborn king” version of Christmas but the one where the Earth’s axial tilt leads to the Northern hemisphere suddenly starts getting more light. Ah, the wonders of the axial tilt. Monday is the darkest day of the year and I feel it immensely. Tuesday the day will once again be longer and if that’s not a cause to celebrate by stuffing your face full of all kinds of good things then I don’t know what is. This year the celebrations at my place will most likely be formed mostly around playing Civilization: Beyond Earth and possibly Halo. However you celebrate, have a happy holiday!