Around this time of year at the very latest I like to give thanks to whoever and whatever has made an impact in my life during the past year. Partly because there are studies that indicate that practicing gratitude is linked to greater happiness. Also, it’s something that doesn’t cost me anything (well, apart from postage) but usually means a lot to whoever is on the receiving end. And it also makes me feel good.

Image Wikimedia.

This past year I’ve had a lot to be thankful for. My partner and I went to the US for the first time and met some lovely friends while there. I finished a novel that I’m actually planning to get published, one way or the other. I went to my first Worldcon and met some more wonderful people, made new friends while I was at it. I got some honorable mentions from Writers of the Future. I learned more about writing from incredible people like David Farland and Cathy Yardley. And I’m grateful for all the people in my writing groups. They are always shaping me into not only a better writer but also a better person.

And finally, I’m thankful for you, dear reader. Sometimes blogging feels like you’re just talking into the void so I am grateful for every hit and pageview. Thank you for reading what I write.