As you’re probably aware already, Worldcon is fast approaching and with it the vote for Worldcon of 2017. At this point there are four contenders; Helsinki, Montreal, Washington D.C. and Nippon. Now, obviously since Helsinki is my hometown and one of the great loves of my life, I really want everyone to vote for Helsinki.

2017 will be the 100th year of Finnish independence and thus a year of celebration. Seeing as Helsinki is plenty worth visiting during any ordinary time, it would be doubly so on a celebration year. But praise of Helsinki is a post for another time. This is all about campaigning for a Helsinki Worldcon. So here are a few reasons I think everyone should go out and vote for Helsinki.

  • Put the “world” back in Worldcon. If Montreal or D.C. wins, Worldcon will be held in North America at the very least 7 years out of 8. Not to mention the fact that the only contenders for 2018 are American cities. Science fiction is supposed to be about all the people, not just the North American ones. A Helsinki Worldcon will also have programming in several languages.
  • Finns know how to party. This is not what Finns are known for, generally, but a Finnish party is well organized so everyone can enjoy themselves instead of worrying about running out of ice. These are experienced conrunners every one, who’ve managed to run Finnish delicacies not easily found even in Finland all over the US for the past two years.
  • Helsinki is a wonderful city. I know I keep saying it but I really do love my city. It’s an amazing place, especially so in the summer.
  • Helsinki is tourist friendly. The city of Helsinki is really looking forward to having a Worldcon here. It’s even likely that the city will pay for public transportation (which is actually available in Helsinki) for all the congoers. There’s hotels all around the area of downtown as well as museums, a zoo, as well as all kinds of other ways to spend one’s time.
  • Because polar bears. (Edit: it has been pointed out to me that this point may be obscure. Polar bears are the official mascot of the Helsinki bid. The polar bear compels you!)

What are your reasons for voting for Helsinki in 2017? Also, remember to vote!