July has not gone well for me, writing wise. My partner has been on vacation and I went to visit my family then we went together to visit his family. I’ve been somewhat exhausted from all this socializing, not to mention my 3 AM wake-up calls for my fabulous Writing The Other course every Friday. Both of these things have left me in a creative slump which means that I’ve been pretty much replacing writing time with knitting. I’m working on getting back to a real writing routine and hopefully that’ll work out any day now.

Attend a writer’s workshop

My travel plans have been finalized, I have someplace to stay while in Boston, I have awesome roommates lined up, the class is making coffee mugs on Zazzle to be taken with us on the Island. Now all that’s left is to wait for October so I can attend the workshop!


  • Finish travel plans, make sure I have somewhere to stay during my couple of days in Boston
  • Create a packing list of everything I need for the workshop
  • Attend the workshop!

Win Writers of the Future

The June deadline came and went and I did not get the story done on time. In fact it’s still not done. It turned out to be harder to write than I really anticipated. At least I’ll have a head start for the next quarter.


  • Write. (In progress)
  • Revise.
  • Submit.
  • Write.
  • Revise.
  • Submit.

Get my second novel to the submission stage

The first draft is completely done now. The goal right now is to let it be for two more weeks then start my first read-through and make the notes necessary to get the edits done. That should be done by Sasquan and just as soon as I’m recovered from that, I’ll start the edits and boy will there be a lot of them.


  • Write some more.
  • After the first draft is finished, let it rest for at least six weeks. (In progress)
  • Edit.
  • Make people read it.
  • Edit some more.
  • Submit.

Get an agent

Replies have been achieved! Before they came in however, I sent the full novel for one of my writers groups to read and they have had comments. The deadline for all of them to get the comments in is two weeks from tomorrow. A week or possibly more for me to go through the comments they’ve left and finish edits, hopefully at least get started before Worldcon. Finishing these edits will be more important than getting started on the edits of The Avatar Legacy. Meanwhile, I should probably finish making that new list of agents.


  • One more round of edits.
  • Make a new list
  • Write query letters
  • Send query letters
  • Wait.

Queries sent: 11
Replies: 2