I’m running around, busily trying to get everything ready in time for Worldcon so I have no actual post for you all today. Instead I thought I’d point you towards other places you can find my writing at.

The Prosers

The Prosers is a collective of five women, all of us writers in various stages of our careers. We write mostly about writing or about things related to the writing life. From ergonomy to character motivation and beyond.

My posts on The Prosers.

Aberrant Domesticity

Every now and then I contract a strange bout of domesticity, mostly in the form of knitting, sewing or baked goods. Back before I started writing fiction again, I was keeping a blog about my crafts. A few months back, I resurrected the blog and started blogging about I’ve been knitting and crafting in the past few years.

Aberrant domesticity


If you happen to be able to read in Finnish, you can also head on over to the geeky community blog I used to be the editor of. Subjects vary widely throughout the geeky spectrum.

My posts on Nörttitytöt

And finally, I’ll leave you with this picture I took of the dawn the other day: