Viable Paradise (HOLY SHIT I’M GOING TO VIABLE PARADISE!!!!) this year runs from October 18th through October 23rd. Unfortunately I’ll be traveling home the minute the workshop ends which leaves me, once again, without a Halloween party. I adore Halloween and expressed my frustration to my fellow students who agreed to have a Halloween party during our workshop days. Seriously, I have the most awesome classmates and I haven’t even physically met most of them.

Jareth the Goblin King

This is possibly the most difficult one of these. The vest, the pants, the boots and the gloves are easy. The wig might not travel too well and the shirt is an actual problem since I don’t really wear that kind of shirt, don’t especially want to make one and don’t know where I could get one in a size where it would be loose enough on me to get the look. I’m still kind of loving the idea of being Jareth for Halloween.

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart was a huge hero of mine growing up so dressing up as her would make sense. I have a bomber jacket that I’m packing in any case that could be faked to be that leather trench if I had a flight helmet and goggles which aren’t that hard to transport. Definitely one good option. Although it might get hot since we’ll be partying indoors.

Baba Yaga

The hero and villain of many a Russian fairy-tale, Baba Yaga is a wonderfully complex character. Dressing up as her would be fairly simple. Wool skirt, apron, gingham shirt, red felt vest, a shawl and a head scarf. My mom has these gorgeous Russian wool shawls I’ve been coveting for ages and this would be the best excuse to swipe one. Everything else I have all ready. Another attractive option.


Amazing artwork by deviantart user APetruk

This one is probably the one that is most attractive to me mostly because it’s straight out of Finnish folklore. Very similar to Baba Yaga, Louhi is an older woman of power. Wool skirt, apron, head scarf, cotton/linen shirt, vest. All of these are things I already have and will most likely be packing along in any case. So, you know, easy pickings.

What about you? Any great ideas?