Attend a writer’s workshop

I went to Viable Paradise and it was like nothing I could have expected. It was more glorious and also more exhausting than I could have imagined. I’m so happy that I recorded all the lectures because I’ll be digesting everything I’ve learned for several weeks and it’ll be easier if I can refer back to them as I do. We were also given one assignment. By the end of one month from our graduation day, we have to submit our application story to an appropriate market. So I’ll need to make some necessary edits first.


  • Edit
  • Submit the story to an appropriate market

Win Writers of the Future

Well, here we are, yet another stack of Honorable Mentions to my name but no win. I’ve got a few ideas thought up for the last story to submit this year, but officially this year’s quarters are done.


  • Write.
  • Revise.
  • Submit.
  • Write. (In progress)
  • Revise.
  • Submit.

Get my second novel to the submission stage

The first draft of the novel is done, my Writing the Other friends completely eviscerated what I had. And it was good. So I’ve been remaking an outline for it to include more of the yummies and less of the “this is stupid/this doesn’t make sense” It’s different enough that I pretty much need to rewrite the whole thing. Thank goodness for NaNoWriMo, eh.


  • After the first draft is finished, let it rest for at least six weeks.
  • Make a new outline
  • Rewrite. (In progress)
  • Edit.
  • Make people read it.
  • Edit some more.
  • Submit.

Get an agent

No word yet on a contract or anything like that. I still haven’t managed to get together a new list. It seems like there are always more important things to do. At some point, I’ll just have to bite the bullet and get back on this. Although, right now, the second draft of that second novel is more important. And getting that short story sent off.


  • One more round of edits.
  • Make a new list
  • Write query letters
  • Send query letters
  • Wait.

Queries sent: 11
Replies: 3