Well, 2015 is nearly over. I got some of my goals done and others are a far cry from being accomplished. It’s nearly time to start thinking about next year’s goals but before that, two more check-ins remain.

Attend a writer’s workshop

Done. Finished. Kaput. I am considering applying to the Clarion Workshop although at the very earliest in 2017. I don’t think I could get as much out of it next year as I would if I had some time to take in the lessons learned from Viable Paradise.

Win Writers of the Future

Looks like I all I have to show for this year as far as Writers of the Future is concerned is several more Honorable Mentions. There’s one more story to submit, I just need to revise it first.


  • Write.
  • Revise. (In Progress)
  • Submit.

Get my second novel to the submission stage

My plan for NaNoWriMo fell apart on the fourth day when I realized what the problem was with my manuscript. Unfortunately, the same problem more or less mandated that I start over from the concept level. Which is what I’ve been doing for most of November. Which is what I’m still doing.


  • Make a new outline. (In progress)
  • Rewrite.
  • Edit.
  • Make people read it.
  • Edit some more.
  • Submit.

Get an agent

I’ve been neglecting my search for an agent while pretending to be busy creating new fiction. Well, to be fair, I’ve done some of that as well. I should probably do some more on this front as well before the end of the year.


  • Make a new list
  • Write query letters
  • Send query letters
  • Wait.

Queries sent: 11
Replies: 4