Marraskesi: Tarinoita iholta ja ihon alta Edited by Maija Haavisto and Juha Jyrkäs

Yesterday, I got the final proof of my first ever publication. I started looking at it and promptly burst into tears. Which I was not expecting at all. But the sight of my name and the name of my story was just too beautiful to do anything but. Despite all the work I’ve put into the story over this past spring, it hardly seemed real until I saw that table of contents and my name in it.

This story was a prime example of writing while multilingual. I do more or less all of my writing in English. This is mainly because I do almost all of my reading in English. That, in turn, is very much a factor of me liking to read science fiction and fantasy. For a long while there, the translations were often poor in quality and rarely made of authors that I wanted to read. I got into the habit of reading in English and then I found audiobooks. I was hooked from the first one, which I’m pretty sure was Cherie Priest’s Boneshaker. Again, audiobooks in Finnish are not really a thing. When you add to these the fact that I’m a programmer by day, which means that all my professional literature is in English. It means that I need to go out of my way to read in Finnish and when there are so many books to read, it just does not happen.

When I write, I write in English. So it was with Jo huomenna kaipaan sua (originally Tomorrow I’ll Miss You). I wrote it in English and then translated it into Finnish myself. Thanks to editors Maija Haavisto and Juha Jyrkäs it didn’t actually end there. We went through six editorial passes for structure, story and most of all, making my Finglish actually readable Finnish. Even my mother helped with that last part. Then, finally two more rounds of copy edits. A lot of work went into this story is what I’m saying.

And yet… it was all worth it and more besides. It resulted in a better story overall and the story that is about to go into print is my heart on the page. It’s something that will remain, something that will be read, and hopefully loved. And around seven years ago when I realized that my writing would have to come in English, I never would have guessed that my first publication would come in Finnish. I’m indescribably happy that it is.