because I am incapable of language. Traveling has been amazing and what’s even greater is that tomorrow I start heading for home and I will finally get to sleep in my own bed.

First, I went to Viable Paradise Reunion where I met with many people who I mostly knew from the internet.


Dinner with reunion folks at Martha’s Vineyard

Julie and I drove for hours and hours through four different states and were both exhausted by the time we got to New York. I found my Jay and collapsed.


The Jay

After which I spent most of the week simply sick and sleeping. But I was surrounded by Hamilton thematics so that was fine. I finally made it to Manhattan on Monday a week after getting to New Jersey, two days before I left. At which point I found a yarn store and got myself Fluevogged.


The Fluevogs

After which I came to Columbus for the World Fantasy Convention. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people here, some old and some new acquaintances and on the whole it has been amazing. I even got recognized by my voice for my work on Mad Writers Union which more or less made my day. But I’m also very happy to be going home tomorrow.


Me and my copy of The Starlit Wood, which I got signed by so many people <3

Tonight I get to have dinner with friends, go to a party with more friends and all in all hopefully have a good time. And did I mention that I’m going home tomorrow?