In Hush, a deaf-mute writer woman living all alone in the remote woods somewhere in America seems like an easy target for a serial killer on the loose. In true hunting ground horror movie form, he’s gravely wrong about his choice of victims. I cannot possibly describe how much I loved this movie. The main character is bad-ass and they use the term “writer brain” to great effect – and as a sometimes frustrated writer, I cannot tell you how rewarding it was to see that troublesome thing put to good use. No matter how wish fulfillment-y it is on behalf of the writers.

Those healthy female friendships I was asking for the other day? This movie’s got em! And it’s a thing of beauty. It’s a teeny, tiny thing in the very beginning of the movie but it made me that much more hopeful that there would be no face-punching involved. And if there was, the first viewing of this movie was exciting enough that I missed them. The horror elements are fairly predictable, but they work. It’s not like we all haven’t seen a thousand serial killer hunting ground movies before. The gore is used very intentionally and isn’t excessive except in the very first horror element scene but even then it’s used intentionally to underline the main character’s perceived vulnerability.

Chekov’s gun is used liberally and not even a little bit subtly in this movie so if you’re familiar with the way horror movies work and think about stories at all, you’ll probably guess all the things that happen from early on, but for me at least, none of that mattered. Everyone was smart, acted to the best of their ability and according to character and it was an entertaining scary movie to watch! A+ will watch again.