What if office workers had the job of making sure horror movie scenarios happen? That is the starting point of The Cabin in the Woods. It’s a horror satire that explains all the tropes of horror stories, tying together so many different horror traditions that it’s hard to keep count. The Final Girl, and the torture inherent in that concept. The makeup of the group to be killed; The Whore, The Fool, The Scholar, The Warrior and the Virgin. And the rest goes into spoiler territory.

The actual horror elements are predictable, which is the point of them. The comedy that comes from the office workers is at times a little obnoxious on a rewatch but works on the first watch because it is so unexpected. For the longest time on the first watch, it almost feels like you’re watching two different movies that must connect to a greater story. And they do. The Cabin in the Woods was lauded when it first came out and for good reason. The story is based largely around horror tropes so a knowledge of those may help make this more enjoyable but I don’t think they’re necessary.