Henry Rollins as a fallen angel eating people? I am here for that! In He Never Died, Henry Rollins plays Jack, an immortal man with severe depression, keeping himself out of the way of the world. That all changes on one ordinary day, when two mobsters and a daughter he never knew he had both show up at his doorstep, separately. What follows is a gory, violent, glorious mess as the two complications to his life come crashing in around each other. The film is funny, the concept is well developed and self-contained with room to expand, the casting is BRILLIANT and there’s no sexual assault, despite the numerous occasions usually used for that sort of thing (and WOW that last one is a LOW bar). There are gorgeous little bits and pieces of the world throughout the story that come through as stuff that could be expanded upon if anyone wanted it, but the story itself is complete and self-contained. And that’s kind of beautiful in and of itself. I liked this movie a lot in case you couldn’t tell. See it now in a Netflix near you!