Let the Right one In was another quiet one. It is essentially a middle-grade love story between a boy, Oskar, and a vampire, Eli. Oskar is 12 and Eli has been 12 for a long time. The horror elements come exclusively from the fact of Eli’s vampiredom. There’s a fair bit of gore connected to it, but none of it exactly gratuitous. Oskar is bullied fairly heavily by his so-called peers, so nota bene.

I loved this one. The story is beautiful and the quiet love between the two kids is amazing. Eli is non-binary and that’s kind of beautiful too. Something that I really liked about this was the fact that it was so fundamentally Swedish. It’s a lot closer to home than pretty much anything in my challenge and that’s kind of beautiful in and of itself. Like I said, the movie is quiet but at the same time it’s also a wonderful commentary on the way childhood friendships last and grow. I recommend seeing it, just be aware that it’s in Swedish and won’t be brainless except for Swedes.