1922 was the first movie on my list that I had absolutely no expectations for at all. I haven’t been watching trailers for these movies and though most movies you can guess something from the name, 1922 could be anything. What it turned out to be was a Stephen King movie set in 1922 when a farmer plots to murder his wife. She’s intent on leaving the farm to go live in the city which is not even a little bit what her husband wants. What follows is basically a Stephen King version of The Telltale Heart, with rats. Pretty much no jumpscares, ALLLLL the rats, such gore, dead walking. I really liked this one. The horror is well constructed and, at least for me, really scary. There are some Kingisms sprinkled all over and throughout this movie and for me, at least, they really worked.

The ending is very dark but also kind of hopeful, in a twisted sense. I really liked this one, in so many ways. The selfishness that leads to the ultimate decision, the guilt that starts gnawing at both of them as soon as the deed is done. The way the dead start walking. I am very much in the target audience for this movie.