Two creepy douchecanoes go through an abandoned mental hospital and find a naked woman tied up in a bed. Deadgirl tells the story of what happens after. Instead of calling the police or any type of medical personnel, one of them decides to rape her and then accidentally snaps her neck. Turns out, she’s a zombie. Which to at least one of them means that she can and should be used for sex. And that’s the whole premise of the movie. That teenage boys will use a dead body for sex as long as it doesn’t kill them.

My partner chose most of the movies on this list and this was sold to him years ago as a different kind of zombie movie. Needless to say, we were both disappointed. At no point did I give a fuck about what happens to anyone in this movie. The zombie was already dead so theoretically we weren’t supposed to care what happened to her. Every single guy on the screen is a horrible douchecanoe, not just toward women but other men as well, so I never did care about what happened to any of them. Even the main character, the guy we’re supposedly supposed to be rooting for is a fucking stalker. Even the actors did not really impress. They deliver mumbling, lackluster performances. Many of the people who liked it, seem to consider the ending a clever switch which I can only take as an indication that they weren’t paying attention to the rest of the movie. I mean that was always going to be the ending.

Technically, this is a new kind of zombie movie but it didn’t really have anything new to add to the genre and it’s not even stomping old ground in an effective way. Commodification of humanity has been a long standing theme in zombie fiction and if this movie was trying to make a point about specifically the commodification of female bodies then it utterly fails in actually making that point. Perhaps the point is supposed to be about how teenage boys are terrible in which case I think the point has been made in much better ways. This is one movie that I would advise anyone to avoid. It’s got a nasty, juicy premise, but pretty much nothing else. It never actually does anything with it.