A punk band filled with people in their twenties gets a gig at a neo-nazi place then accidentally witness a murder in the Green Room. What follows is a claustrophobic, gory ride that feels much too relevant to be comfortable watching. Patrick Stewart delivers a fucking terrifying performance as the owner of the neo-nazi club. The disregard for human life, whether the band’s or the people who follow his commands, is staggering. The movie was way too gory for my taste, while still taking itself seriously. The Nazis use attack dogs with all that entails, except on-screen dog death.

Honestly, there’s not much I can say about this movie. I’ve been trying and trying. It’s fairly forgettable while also being really uncomfortable to think about at this moment in time. The band is more like a single entity with four heads than comprised of actual identifiable characters, but then the same goes for the nazis; there’s Patrick Stewart and the rest. There’s even one traitor who’s supposed to be more recognizable but honestly, even he gets lost in the sea of white men in combat boots, and close-cropped heads. There are a total of two women in the Nazi circle, one of whom is the murder victim. And I think that’s intentional because it does work to create a really disturbing setting. It is very effective in that sense.