Just so you know, this is all spoilers. Other people really liked this movie, I did not.

I’m not sure what I think of The Invitation. You know going in that it’s a horror movie. But the actual horror really only starts 15 minutes before the movie ends. So what it ends up being is an almost two-hour-long exercise in gaslighting. Hooray! Or really, really not. The tension builds beautifully and the performances are all great but all it amounts to is a two-hour-long exercise in gaslighting. And I cannot figure out why the filmmakers chose to do it this way. The actual horror portion of the movie is so short that it’s barely there. You know that it’s coming all the time but the movie keeps telling you the main character, and by extension you, is wrong and there’s nothing wrong with anything. Everything is just great when really you’re having dinner with four members of a murder-suicide cult. So yeah. I was not a huge fan.