Life begins our final countdown of space horror! I have a soft spot for space horror that probably ties somehow into that little-examined part of my brain that makes me love science fiction in general so much. Life is a very, very good space horror movie. It begins with the crew of the ISS frantically getting ready to capture a capsule with samples from Mars. Lo and behold, they find a single-celled organism in deep hibernation. They manage to get it moving again and it starts growing at an exponential rate, becoming a multi-cellular being without specialized cells. Because of a breach in the lab, the creature, still small, goes into hibernation. Instead of waiting and giving it nutrients and favorable conditions, like before, the xenobiologist decides to give the creature electric shocks instead. Understandably, the creature gets pissed and that’s when the murders begin.

There are several worldbuilding failures in this movie, but I honestly didn’t care even a little bit! All the characters are operating at the top of their game and the few stupid decisions they make are thoroughly motivated with character-based reasons. Even as I was shouting at the xenobiologist (“Don’t do it! DON’T YOU DARE DO IT!”), I still knew that I might have ended up doing the same thing in his place. The action is exciting, and the space-component well integrated. The alien life form is cool and strange enough and the ending just predictable enough to be satisfying. And did I mention that everyone was acting competently and to character? That doesn’t happen nearly often enough. <3