Event Horizon has been one of my favorite horror movies for a long time. I didn’t see it in theaters but a couple of years after, around the time I turned 18. I haven’t seen it in years. It seems that sometimes, you can’t go back.

It starts when the crew of rescue ship “Lewis and Clarke” get ready to make a high thrust trip to Neptune. They’re going there because the ship, Event Horizon, which vanished seven years earlier has suddenly reappeared. Here, the sequence of events is weird. Everyone gets introduced only AFTER they get to Neptune. Anyway. They receive a message that sounds like a lot of people shouting and screaming and someone saying “save me” in Latin. So, of course they head inside. And find out the ship is alive.

Watching it this time around, there were a lot of things that annoyed me. The crew make stupid decisions that are only very superficially motivated. Sam Neil’s character turns from a meek scientist into a cocky scientist, into an aggressive bro dude, and finally into a creepy nightmare guy controlled by the ship. But despite being on the trip because he’s the scientist who designed the ship, he doesn’t ever actually do anything useful. There are other inconsistencies in characters and motivation. The main execution mode of terror is the jumpscare. The action is still compelling and the reason I used to love this movie so much is still there underneath all the bullshit. The shine, however, has worn off by watching it again.