Another old favorite, Alien has managed to live up to time. The tech is shitty, as only for a movie released in 1979. There’s a fair number of jump scares but most of the horror comes from other things. Nevertheless, the actual story has held up through the decades.

The mining and processing ship Nostromo is coming back from a job when the crew are woken up much earlier than expected. This is because there’s an unclear beacon, and the only thing that’s clear about it is that it was started by an intelligent being. They go in and find a massive skeleton and a whole bunch of leathery eggs. You know, at that point, I would have gotten the fuck out of there but it’s also sort of understandable why they didn’t. And when they break quarantine procedure, which is also sort of understandable.

I love that Ripley doesn’t stop to say “I told you so” when people start getting dead. I don’t think I’d be a big enough person to omit the finger wagging. Ripley as a character has a lot more agency than a lot of women characters these days. The action is compelling and people act according to character, if not always very smartly. I still love it and will probably continue loving it for a long time to come.