The road goes ever on and on

2017 has been an odd year. At large it seems like the world is a trash fire; nazis marching the streets at home and abroad and people wringing their hands about the various ways people are mean to the literal nazis. Loved friends having a hard time whether it’s because of divorce or otherwise ending relationships, losing healthcare or a career, facing financial hardships just in general.

And in the meanwhile, personally, I’ve had a very good year. I’ve gotten to know some amazing people, after years of applying, I finally got in to the Clarion Writer’s Workshop, friends came to spend time in Helsinki, I did some well-received panels at Worldcon, I got a lot of lovely knitting done, read a whole heap of lovely books, took part in a productivity workshop for creatives and all in all had a good time. I sold nothing but that’s okay because I have high hopes that selling will start happening next year.

This year in numbers:

  • 40 000 words 1n a first draft of a new novel
  • 160 books read
  • 15 rejections garnered
  • 12 shawls knitted
  • 6 weeks spent abroad
  • 5 short stories written
  • 4 Bullet Journals used up
  • 3 museums visited
  • 2 short stories edited
  • 1 new tattoo

Here’s to a better 2018.