As I’ve done a few times before, I am taking part in this year’s Clarion Write-a-thon. Should you, dear reader, feel inclined to, you can support my efforts here. More on my individual efforts later, but first:

What is Clarion?

Clarion is a six-week intensive workshop for speculative fiction writers. The first four weeks, the teachers change every week, with a team of two teachers for the last two weeks. The instructors are generally giants in the genre and often just really good teachers as well. Most students will write a short story every week and at the same time, critique fellow students’ work. In my case, this led to 17 critiques and one short story written every week. It is a punishing pace, but at the end of it, the students are usually better writers. It definitely changed the way I write. I’m still incorporating some of the things I learned at Clarion into the way I write.

What is the Write-a-thon?

The Clarion Write-a-thon is an event coinciding with the six weeks each year’s students spend at the workshop. This year, the challenge started yesterday and will end in about six weeks on August 3rd. The goal of this charity write-a-thon is to gather money for scholarships to make sure next year’s students can have some financial aid to attend the workshop. This helps make certain that people from various backgrounds can attend. I got a scholarship of $500, with the workshop fee alone bouncing somewhere along the $5000 mark and it was an immense help. I could have still attended even without the scholarship, but it provided a much-needed buffer in our finances. And that was after several years of saving for just this purpose.

What are you doing?

My plan is to write 71 000 words, that is, most of a first draft for a new novel. This one is still sort of forming, but it’ll be fine. I hope. It’s a near-future tech thriller about two siblings drifting apart, with hackable DNA (because that’s already a thing! WHAT!). Happily, Clarion write-a-thon this year completely encompasses Camp NaNoWriMo, so I’ll be able to take advantage of all the possible tools to achieve my goal. That 71 000 words works out to just under 1700 words per day, so I’m looking at essentially a six-week NaNoWriMo. And I would be very grateful for any donations to the Clarion scholarships in support of my efforts.

Again, you can support my efforts here: . You can also support other members of my team here: