It is that time of year again; the time when all the planners in the world don’t seem to be enough for all the plans you have and it’s all habit trackers all the time and you’re going to get healthy and pay off all your debts and it’s all going to be great.

I mean, I am actually getting healthy, I am actually working on paying off my mortgage and I just ordered myself a Passion Planner in order to try out a different kind of planning to my Bullet Journal. I love the freeform nature of the bullet journal, but I’m spending a lot of time creating the structure that it doesn’t come with. So I’m going to try out Passion Planner since that seems to be the hot thing these days.

In the meanwhile, I’ve been trying to figure out how much I can do this year without burning out. I’m going to try to finish two novels. Because when have I ever not planned to do more than I could? However, there’s method to this madness, and one of those novels is almost done already. Just one more round of edits, I think, and I’ll be all done. To query and then do more edits.

Beyond that, I’m planning to run/jog/walk two different 10K races this year. I’m expecting to finish somewhere around the second to last and the very last spot, but I’m still planning to finish. The first one is in May and the second in August and I’ve been training since October.

It’s a brand new decade. What are you planning to do?