I’ve written about my love for the Bullet Journal before, several times. And I am still very fond of it. But over the past year, I’ve settled into a structure and routine that suit me very well indeed. Over the last few months of 2019, the effort that went into creating that structure started to grate at me. As the year drew to a close, I went looking for something that would provide that structure. 

Enter the Passion Planner. I’ve been eyeing them, because their Passion Roadmap and Gamechanger turn up in a lot of goal setting articles. But I need my daily structure, so I’ve mostly ignored them.

Sometime during my ignore phase, the Passion Planner Daily happened. So around Christmas, I decided to order one to try out. As I write this, I’ve been using the Daily for just over a month and I love it. I don’t use every piece of the pre-made structure every day, but I use most of it every day. And the Space of Infinite Possibility is really useful for all the intermittent stuff like notes.

Something that I really like about the Daily, so far at least, is the focus on all the shit you need to get done. The way it’s set up, you’re thinking about what you need to do for your gamechanger, your personal tasks, and your work tasks. Since my day job has some very strict data security and NDA related requirements, I get to use all that space for building my writing career. So that’s good.

As I write this, my gamechanger is writing 250 words of fiction every day. Except one day a week, which I take as a day off. I’m also reading 10 pages of my own fiction every week to edit and doing an hour of planning my fiction projects weekly as well. I came too close to burnout last year, so now I’m building a more sustainable creative practice. The idea is to be able to grow that 250 words into 500 words every day. I want to do those words in one 25 minute Pomodoro, which would leave the rest of my creative working time free other creative projects. So, for example, if I’m working on line edits as the primary project, I’ll still be making some progress on other stuff.

I may well go back to my bullet journal, but for now, I’m content with my Passion Planner Daily. I’ll at least be using it for this year, possibly longer.