Back in 2015, when we were heading into Viable Paradise, one of my roommates, Kellan, and I were both querying novels. Mine turned out to need a rewrite, but Kellan’s book came out last Tuesday! The book is brilliant and doesn’t need any help from me, but I figured that as a celebration of my favorite trans author I would talk about some of the amazing trans writers whose work I love.

K.M. Szpara

Right now, all the focus is on Docile (which is a fucking amazing book and you should totally get it) but Kellan’s work has been amazing for as long as I’ve known him. It’s raw and honest and unflinching in a way that I wish I could be. His short stories Small Changes Over Long Periods of Time and Nothing Is Pixels Here still stick with me years after reading them. Especially the former has a lot of potential to become a novel or even a series and I am looking forward to that.

Nicasio Reed

Nicasio Reed is one of the most flexible writers I know. He writes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and he’s even published a comic! WHAT?! As a person who struggles to combine even just fiction and non-fiction, I find this baffling and supremely impressive. Out of his recent work, my absolute favorite is the non-fiction piece he wrote for Uncanny, “You Have Only Your Trust in Me”: Star Trek and the Power of Mutual Belief because yes, hello, of course it is. Nico also sports one of the sexiest tattoo sleeves in all of existence, which automatically makes him an excellent human.

Nino Cipri

Nino Cipri writes the kind of fiction that pulls you by the curiosity nose until you’re too far down the rabbit hole to turn away and too uncomfortable to keep going. Their latest novel, Finna, came out recently and I haven’t finished reading it yet because I am a slow reader but what I’ve read so far is great!

Merc Fenn Wolfmoor

This writer, Merc Fenn Wolfmoor (formerly writing as A. Merc Rustad) is the reigning monarch of the second-person point of view. Every time I read a story or hear that I feel uses the second-person POV well, it turns out to be by the Merc. Their short story catalogue is stunning and it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I fucking LOVE Monster Girls Don’t Cry and Sweet Dreams Are Made of You. Merc’s instinct for horror hits me in all my sweet spots and I always look forward to more of their work in that arena.

Charlie Jane Anders

If you’re reading this, I doubt that you actually need an introduction to Charlie Jane Anders. And if you do, what a ride you are about to have! Charlie Jane Anders’ fiction is a wonderful mix of magic and technology that somehow still manages to be different from story to story. The City In the Middle of the Night, All the Birds in the Sky, and her short fiction all do wonderful things with words and imagination. And as if that wasn’t enough, she was also the co-founder of io9 and a podcaster on Our Opinions Are Correct. Truly, Charlie Jane is #authorGoals

There are so many more great trans authors out there and this is just a small selection who gave me their permission to appear on this list. Each of them writes excellent work and you should read it.