When 2019 started, I made a resolution to make our apartment more livable. I am, at heart, a messy person. I also have a slight hoarding tendency. The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up was meant exactly for people like me. Years of never having enough left me with a tendency to ask “But what if I need it” even if the “it” in question was broken beyond repair. So last year, I finally made the resolution to do better.

I will never be the kind of person to do a full KonMarie, but we did go through most of our stuff room by room. Little by little. Until there was nothing but my sewing room and the kitchen to go through. I’m terrified of doing the kitchen but that’s sort of happening as well. The sewing room organization is happening, but it’s slow going.

Something that I’ve realized during this project just how important it is to co-operate with the people you’re living with. There have been so many points during this project that I thought I knew exactly what I needed, but after talking through the wanted end result, my spouse came up with a better solution. Usually cheaper, too. Imagine how that happened.

The other big thing I learned is that it’s much easier to let go of things than I thought it would be. To be fair, I started with notebooks that will never take my beloved fountain pens and broken tech items to teach myself this skill. It did not exactly come easily. My yarn stash has not gotten this treatment yet. What? I’m human, okay! But a week ago I did go through my fabric stash. I even got rid of a whole bunch of fabric that I will never use.

Yes but why?

The biggest thing to come out of this whole project in terms of effect on our lives is that I’m sewing again. Being able to move around easily in my sewing room has been a huge breath of fresh air to my sewing. The other big thing is that we’ve essentially gotten two rooms back. My podcast lair and the sewing room had become dumping grounds of stuff. Barely usable as anything but storage.

Since the quarantine started, the podcast lair especially has seen a lot of use. My spouse is using it to take meetings on days when we both have a lot of meetings. Having two different meetings happening in the same room simultaneously is not good.

I’m honestly looking forward to finishing the sewing room organization so that I can start working on where to actually put everything and how to make things work best for me. I expect to see at least the cutting table to see a lot of changes in the future. But that is a post for another time.