Summer days in Finland are long. The sun hardly even sets, so it feels like a Every summer I wind up doing some form of home improvement project. For example, last summer we reorganized our home office so that we could have space for whiteboards. The wall looks like water and I can turn and see my bookshelves without straining my neck. It is all very good. The year before last I think it was our balcony. The year before that, it was Clarion. Before that we had just moved out of our previous apartment and basically renovated the entire thing. This year’s project is arguably just as ambitious.

The hope for this summer is two-fold. For one, I really want to get my sewing room to be better usable. Really, that means most likely getting my cutting table on wheels. Doing this hopefully frees up some space which would make it easier to manipulate larger pieces of fabric. The other is looking at the possibility of having some form of a green wall to grow herbs on all throughout the year. These two projects together basically cause ripple effects all through the apartment. I don’t think we’ll be able to finish all of the tasks we need to get both of these projects done.

In order to get my cutting table on wheels, I’m putting two shelving units on a board, the board on the wheels, and then the tabletop on that getup. But, in order to do that, I need to transfer everything out of my current shelving unit into the new one. Then I need to get my yarn bins somewhere and go through so many other things as well. And all of this is so much easier if I manage to pare down all the stuff there. Similar things apply to the green wall project. So, really, these are clusters of projects instead of two separate projects.

On top of these, I plan to finish the edits of Cold Burn Goodbye, get it ready to query, and draft the next book. So all in all, there’s very little fear of those long summer days going to waste. But I think I can probably manage some lounging around as well.

What are you working on this summer?