We have definitely arrived in autumn, which means that it feels like things should be starting. I have this urge to buy office supplies. But worse than that, is the bad case of startitis I seem to have picked up somewhere.

Startitis is defined as an unreasonable urge to begin new knitting projects without regard for the number of projects already begun, deadlines impending, or budgets imposed

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee – Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter

Unfortunately, my startitis is not even limited to knitting projects. I have a hankering to begin three coats (a princess-seamed skirt coat, an ulster coat, and a trench coat, two of which I have the materials for in my stash), two corsets (a Victorian, and Regency long stays), five vests, and like three different types of shirts in multiple fabrics. My knitting queue is some 6500 items long right now. I won’t bore you with the details on that front.

Clearly starting all these new projects at the same time would be a terrible idea. Irresponsible, too, given the number of unfinished objects that I have. I need to finish at least some projects before I start some new ones, not least because I’m out of needles in certain sizes. Also because I am actually running out of room to store all my WIPs.

But autumn is a time for things to start. I’m not quite ready to start writing the next novel yet, and I have a similar problem with short stories as I do with my knitting and my sewing. Storage is not the issue, thankfully, but I need to edit so many stories that I’ve lost count. But I want to start a few new ones. It’s something in the air, I swear.

Colorful leaves, ghost stories, dark nights and sunny days, and starting things. These are the things that autumn means to me. What does it mean to you?