I’ve been trying to work pretty much non-stop all year. The last time I took an actual break was around Christmas last year. For the month of September, I’m sort of taking a break, except not really. I’ve got a lot of small tasks that have been sort of piling up. I’ve prioritized getting the novel out the door over most other things and it’s beginning to show.

There’s another novel project on the horizon. Well, really, there are three novel projects on the horizon. I’ve got a plan that is starting to look pretty solid for one of them. I only have vague notions for the other two. It’s a project that I don’t really even want to start before I’ve found all the balls that I dropped during the run-up to getting Cold Burn Goodbye out the door. So I’m writing blog posts ahead of time for October and some of November, cleaning up my sewing room, organizing my office, planning the novel that I’m going to write, planning the content that I want to make happen on the YouTube channel that I want to launch, and planning said launch. Getting back into the habit of training that fell by the wayside because of quarantine.

In software development, there’s a concept of the 70-20-10 rule. 70% of work goes to developing new features. 20% of work goes to maintenance. The final 10% of work goes to learning how to do new things or do old things better. I have the learning new things on lock. The making things happen portion is pretty good. It’s the maintaining of things that I have the most problems with. So much easier to keep pushing forward.

If quarantine has proved anything, it’s that I really need to keep doing at least some form of exercise, because otherwise I just wind up sore and non-functional. So that’s not something that I’ll be able to give up for the duration of the drafting of the next novel. But other than exercise and my day job, there are so many other small things that I can get done ahead of time to prepare for the coming effort. Call it a maintenance break. And that way, I hopefully won’t need a nearly-burnt-out-break.