This past weekend, I spent much of my time in a class to learn how to make proper rye bread. It was very successful on the whole. I forgot to hydrate and wound up with a headache, but beyond that. I got several very pretty breads out of it, as well as a starter, and a new skill.

And that new skill is the thing that is on my mind today. The class I took was at the local “Adult Education Institute” which I feel is a weird translation. The original name is “työväenopisto”, the direct translation for which is “Working Class Institute”. Something like that. Anyway, I digress. Point being, they offer a lot of classes on a variety of topics, and basically, it’s a good time.

For the past several years, I’ve been laser focused on writing. I know how to do my day job, and I’ve been learning new things on the job as much as I can. IT is very much a “learn or perish” type of situation, but for a good while, all I did was the minimum that I could get away with. And the thing that I found out of all that focus was that I started to not like writing as much as I used to.

So, today I challenge you; find a way to learn something new! Make a new food! Find YouTube tutorials to sew something!

In the meanwhile, I need to write today’s NaNoWriMo words…