NaNoWriMo is all but over. It’s time to make that last, desperate attempt for wordcount and then sleep for at least a week! And then, come January start revising this book.

So, how did I do? Well, I won. I won yesterday, in fact. I still need to write today’s words, but right now, my word count stands at 51 289 words for November. The entire manuscript, which I started in October, is currently 64 289 words. I’m pretty sure I still have about 40 000 words to go before I can write The End.

In general, I managed a pretty solid run of word count pretty much every day. Fridays, especially were harder than most days, but if you’d like a blow-by-blow of how each day of this year’s NaNoWriMo went, you can watch my YouTube series! In general, though, as always, I am genuinely pleased that I participated, and even more so since that means that I have that much less to write in December.

As I mentioned above, I’m pretty sure, I’ve still got some 40 000 words to go. I hit the structural midpoint at about 52 000 words, so I’m pretty I’m writing The End somewhere around 100 000 and 105 000 words. I’m using Pacemaker to map out the rest of the writing and let me tell you, it looks brutal.

Pacemaker graph starting in October, through NaNoWriMo and December

There are a lot of words to go, and I want to be all done on December 23rd, which as of today means that I need to write 1488 words every day between now and then. It’s a little bit less than the NaNo daily word count, but not enough to make any sort of difference. It’s a little bit less than the NaNo number of days, but not enough to make any sort of real difference. So, essentially, I am doing two NaNos in a row.

Technically, I don’t have to do it. I could take it easier. Who cares if it takes me 10 years to finish this book like it did the previous? Well, for one, I do. For two, I’m doing a revision workshop starting at the end of January, and since Cold Burn is out for queries right now, I don’t want to be editing that book. I also just do not want to spend forever on this book. I wrote the short story that became this book in 2015. It’s time I got it out the door. Besides, there are so many books that I need to write. I want to get to those other ones as well. And the only way to do that is to finish this one first.