Today, I wound up going through the Zen Pencils catalogue, mostly because we have some empty walls that I want to fill with art. One of my favorites is this one about something James Rhodes said. Now, I only play one-ish instrument (which means that I can play the beginning of Nothing Else Matters), the guitar, and a tiny bit of ukulele. But I write. He even specifically wonders about writers and the people who say they always thought they had a book in them.

Rhodes asks, is that worth exploring? For writers, that might look like writing a few stories, finding people to critique your work, and critiquing their work in turn, to learn from each other. Trying out other styles, maybe buying a book or two. Maybe taking a workshop. All the while writing more.

For my part, I can definitely confirm that yes, it is absolutely worth exploring. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go explore some more.