It’s the end of the year that wouldn’t end. I have a running, good-natured argument with a friend on whether a decade starts on the year 0 or year 1. Whatever measure you go by, this week the second decade of the 21st century is definitely gone. And it has certainly been A Year. I’m sure that everyone is pretty much saying the same thing. The thing is, just like last year, this year has been very good for me.


Yes, really. I made my first professional-grade fiction sale, had my first English language publication. Publisher’s Weekly called my story a “standout”, which I am still kind of elated about. I finished the novel of my heart that I worked on for 11 years. I started querying it, and I got a full request for it. It was all very good. I also finished the first draft of a new-ish novel, one that I’ve been meaning to write since 2016. It only took me until the end of the year 2020 to make it happen!

In my personal life, I signed a contract with the kind of workplace that I’ve been trying to create for pretty much all of my career with some good benefits to boot. Of course, I don’t start that job until next year, but I have a contract, so I’m counting it as a win for this year. I’ve been continuing my journey of getting completely out of debt, including our mortgage, and that’s going pretty well also.

Okay, so what about the rest?

Not going to lie, my concerns this year have been petty on the grand scale of things. I had to mostly stop going to the gym for a few months, and that was hard. About a decade ago I fell back-first onto the exit of a bus just as I was leaving it. Nothing serious, but ever since then, my back has a tendency of seizing up. And when it starts doing that, I tend to start losing sleep. Lifting is pretty much the most efficient means of working against this that I’ve found and my home exercise program and internet yoga just were not cutting it. Even though I am an introvert and I am very happy just hanging out at home with my partner and my dog, I am starting to miss my friends. Hugging people who are not my partner whose hugs are great but too much of a good thing etc. I miss seeing my mom and my sister. I did a huge fabric cleanse in the summer, so of course, ever since then, all I’ve wanted to do has been to go fabric shopping. My reading challenge and my podcast catch up, went completely awry because I basically lost all the time I used for that. Like I said; my concerns are very petty.

To be honest, the personal wins still aren’t quite enough to nudge this awful year into non-sucky territory. I’m glad I am actually here to see the end of the year 2020 because as a whole, this year was awful, and I am glad to see the back of it.