Over on YouTube I talked a little about how I plan for a new year in general. But here I want to take a moment to address the specifics of planning for 2021. Because some parts of what made 2020 the special little shit sundae that it was are not gone. There’s an end in sight, but personally, I doubt that things will go back to normal any time before the summer. So planning for 2021 comes with a few hickups that aren’t included in normal years. So I figured that I would talk a little about the safeguards that I’m building into this coming year specifically.

Non-work goals

I’ve got a lot of things on my plate. Mostly because I like it that way. I like working on fiction, I like writing blog posts, I like making YouTube videos. I like my day job! Because I like these things and they’re all kind of my job, it’s very easy to just work on things that qualify as work. It’s easy to fall into the rhythm of always working just because that’s where my goals are. So I’m going to try setting some leisure goals in case that helps. We will see. It is an ass-backward way of dealing with this, but I also think that it might help.

Prioritizing sleep

I’ve been trying to do this for a long time, but this coming year I am intent on making it work. What I’ve been trying to do is get off the computer no later than 21:00. Sometimes I’m even successful at it. But I want to make it a priority to do so consistently. So that’s something to think about. Also another one of those non-work related goals.

Building buffers

There are a bunch of things, like videos and blog posts, that I can work ahead of time. So while I’m on my holiday, I’m working through as many videos and blog posts as I possibly can. I’m going to try to use any extra days off to keep building up buffers of the stuff that I can do. And perhaps I can keep ahead of myself for long enough to make this a successful year.

How are you, dear reader, planning to take care of yourself and maintain your energy in 2021?