It’s the third month of 2021 and boy it’s been a long couple of years. Helsinki is going – and partially already has – back into lockdown. And this time it’s even more restrictive than before. On Friday, I got word that my gym would be closing and it did not during the first lockdown. So that’s fun. There’s even talk of adding a curfew in the worst affected areas. I am in Helsinki, one of the worst affected areas. So all my training for that 10K run just went mostly out the window. I’m kind of gutted, but I’m trying to channel that into something positive. Thus, the idea for this blog post.

Besides the running, I’ve also started learning to play guitar. A friend of mine taught me the first few bars of Nothing Else Matters in high school and I’ve tried to learn a couple of times before, with no luck, but mostly I think that was because I was trying to learn on a steel-string electric guitar and it hurt my fingers so bad that I never managed to get to the callus stage. But now, I have acquired a guitar with nylon strings, so it’s a bit easier on my poor fingers, and I can already see the calluses forming. Also, bonus, I have not once had a day where typing hurt this time around.

On top of the running and the guitar, I’m also doing other kinds of small learning things. I’ve got a Skillshare subscription (that’s a referral link, btw), and I’m trying to learn all kinds of small things that will hopefully help me make my YouTube channel not just better but get better at SEO and all that stuff so that my videos can reach further and also, hopefully, use the same techniques on this blog.

So yeah. That’s how I’m dealing with approaching the beginning of the second fucking year in essentially quarantine. The Revenge of Quarantine. Learning new things to distract from just how sick I’m getting of my own home.