I’m taking part in a writer’s convention called Flights of Foundry April 16-18. I’ve got a panel that I’m participating in and another I’m moderating. You can find my schedule here.


Because it’s a virtual convention, it is all programming, all the time during those three days. All the time zones are covered, which is GREAT for me because mine is a time zone that mostly has not been covered for programming during the past year. The program in general looks REALLY good! So many interesting, meaty topics and presentations and panels, that I really just want to stay up 24/7 to see it all! Of course, I can’t because I get REALLY cranky if I stay up for that long, but

Participating in the convention!

Registration is still open for 17 days, right up until the event! Registration is free and you can support the organizers through donations should you wish to. You can see details at https://flights-of-foundry.org/ . The convention is organized by Dream Foundry, which is a speculative fiction collective aimed at getting new writers the resources they need to get a start on their career. It’s absolutely a worthy cause to donate to, but even if you can’t, the convention itself is still definitely worth your time!

Join me and a a lot of amazing creatives around mid-April!