Well, I passed my exam. The trouble with such mammoth efforts is that they push everything else very firmly out of the way. I was not sure that I would pass until after I got to the end screen that let me know the final result. I was sure I had done the most that I could have possibly done to prepare, but it was a really hard exam. A lot of people do not pass it. And because of that, I basically dropped everything as it got closer. And now I’m paying for it. My beautiful, beautiful ruts are completely and utterly destroyed.

Case in point, this blog post. I had gotten into the habit of writing my blog posts over the weekend, because that means that I have my Monday evenings for other things. A part of my gorgeous rut is that I meet with my trainer after work on Mondays. This most often leaves me drained by the time I get home because she’s an excellent trainer and knows just the things to do to make me work the hardest. As I write this, the time is 19:38 on Monday night. I try to have my blog posts go out at 20:00 on Monday nights for various reasons. Not least of which being that one of my most loyal readers thus gets to read it with her morning coffee on Monday morning (hi Carla!). I got home from the gym hours ago.

But this week, my big goal for the week is rebuilding those ruts. I’m going to get back to the running and building my endurance. I’m going to get back to building my content work slowly through the week. And most importantly, I’m going to get back to both editing the novel, and querying the previous one. And maybe, if I manage to get in my ruts well enough, I might even be able to edit a short story or two. That would be amazing. But first, I need to get my ruts in better condition.

What ruts are you trying to build?