I’ve mentioned before that I want to have a me-made wardrobe. Last year I slowly got back to sewing after taking a break started by moving house, followed by Clarion and other writing endeavors. It was also the first year that my sewing room has been actually fully usable since we moved, so there is that. But last year was also an exercise in getting over disappointments in terms of my results. So this year, I decided to get my sewing mojo back with simpler projects and ones that had patterns that came out already fitting me. Since we’re more or less at the halfway point, I figured that I would reflect on where I am with that.


Look, when you’re making things, inevitably you’re going to fail. Two of these were good, just for someone else. The dress is not really going to work for me, because I chose the fabric poorly. The print is a great abstract flower print, but the fabric is so thin that I basically feel naked wearing this dress. I’m never going to be comfortable wearing this so I’m pretty sure it’s going either to pieces, or to donation. The pattern is Colette Moneta which is hella cute, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be making this again with a thicker fabric.

The faux fur vest is just way too small for me. I started this while we were still living in the previous apartment. I found it in its unfinished form while I was cleaning my sewing room. Not sure what I was thinking about when deciding to use this pattern because I am absolutely certain it won’t have fit me then. It was a pattern from one of the big companies, Burda, maybe? I’m not going to look it up because I made a decision to not give attention to companies that don’t draft up to my size. Maybe I thought that because it’s not meant to close, I’d be fine? Reader, I was not fine. I couldn’t get it past my shoulders. I really like the look, though, so I think I might draft a similar one in my size.

The last one is an error in judgement. I can sort of get it on, but it’s not comfortable. I went down two sizes from my own measurements because Cashemerette includes a lot of ease in their patterns. (This shirt is a Cashmerette Harrison.) If I’d only gone down one size, it would have been perfect. I really liked making this shirt and will be making like a dozen more of these.

Me-made wardrobe successes

I’ve also gotten a whole lot of successes! Which is good because I do need a win sometimes.

The first one, unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything about. This was in the same bag of unfinished objects as the faux fur vest. It was almost done as well. I needed to add a hem and the seams finished and that was all. It was very easy. The fabric is cute and I honestly no longer no what it is. But it fits and it’s good!

The second is a walkaway dress! This was another big company pattern, possibly Butterick. One of those anyway. I made some significant changes to this to make it fit. I used two different cotton fabrics, one with a gold and blue stripe, the other just plain blue. All it needs is a pocket.

His and hers masks! Cabbage cottons, made with a Marttaliitto mask pattern. These were a very quick make that gave me a quick win.

The next one is a Colette Sorbbetto blouse. I made it with some stash cotton that I’m pretty sure is quilting cotton. Regardless, I bought it as a remnant a long, long time ago. Before 2005 certainly.This is the first of these makes that I’ve been genuinely wearing a lot. It is one of my favorite things from this pandemic. I kinda wish the fabric was softer, but that will come with age. It has tiny atoms on it and it makes me happy.

The last one is a Banksia lounge tank made with a bamboo knit. It has a built in bra and it is genuinely one of the most comfortable clothes I own. I love it. It is in my weely rotation here in the self-isolation. I made some small errors in the construction of it, which annoy me every time I wear it, which is the only reason it’s not in the last category.

WILD successes

These are my favorite projects of the entire year so far. I love these projects beyond reason and there’s just no getting over it.

First of these are my summer pajamas. They’re Seamwork Cal pajamas with the bonus pants. I FREAKING LOVE THEM. They are so comfortable. I love that the shirt is basically a sleeveless racerback Henley. These pajamas are just very effortless to wear in all the ways. The print on the fabric is glow in the dark and I could not possibly love that more. The actual glow is very faint, so it doesn’t bother my or my partner’s sleep. But it’s enough that it makes me smile every time I turn out the lights.

I made the second for my sister. Technically, the pattern is self-drafted, based on instructions in Joka Tyypin Kaavakirja by a friend of mine and two co-authors. This hoodie is so very much my sister that I couldn’t be more delighted about it. The fabric is a Moomin fabric that was just delightful to work with, but a little thin for my own use. But it fits my sister and she is delighted with it.

The last one is another Banksia tank! It’s made from the same fabric as the pajamas. I changed the construction very slightly and these two things have made this into my actual favorite thing to wear during the day. I need like a thousand more of these. Or, you know, at least six more, so that I can have one for each day as well as one more for laundry day. Thankfully, I have a lot of tricot in my stash! This is definitely happening!

I’m actually really looking forward to all the projects that I’ll make during the latter half of the year, now that I’ve gotten the hang of it once more. I’m really excited to see how my me-made wardrobe grows.