Yes, my friends, that time is upon us again. It’s time for Camp NaNoWriMo. Technically, it’s already the second time this year, but in April, I was too deep into revisions and studying for my certification that there was just no way. I’ve set Path down for another rest before I read it again, and I’ve gotten my certification. This means that it’s time to start planning the next book.

The next book is going to be a gothic horror book set in Finland. It’s the one I used in the I Ching exercises. As far as Camp NaNoWriMo goes, I’m planning to do some prewriting for this book. I’ll start the actual writing in October or November, depending on how the revisions for Path shape up. I really want to get that book into the hands of my first readers before I start writing the next one. And that means getting through the next set of edits. But for now, I’m letting that book stew in my subconscious while I plan this one.

So far, I have consulted the I Ching about the story should go and my main character. Next, I’m playing around with my Story Engine decks to figure out a little bit more. After that, I start my usual pre-writing process, which is a version of the one described by Lisa Cron in Story Genius. I’m hoping to reach 10.000 words by the end of July, which is an entirely doable amount of work. Even if it gets unbearably hot again here. And at the end of it, I’ll have my next novel planned, and hopefully, I’ll be looking forward to writing it.

So, dear reader, are you doing Camp NaNoWriMo (it’s not too late to start!)? What are your goals for it?