Finland is in the middle of an unprecedented heatwave. Records have been broken. Multiple times. People seem to be falling into two camps about the situation. The “just enjoy it while it’s here”, “don’t complain about it” crowd. And everyone else. Did grandma die of heat exhaustion? Don’t complain! Crop dead because there hasn’t been any rain for weeks? For goodness sake, don’t you dare complain. Perpetually dehydrated and sleep-deprived because of the heat? Fuck you, it might be colder and it might rain. And if you couldn’t guess, I’m in that last category. Fun times.

And it’s funny, everyone telling people to not complain, seem to have mainly decided that complaining just doesn’t work. And yet they themselves are complaining about people not being happy about an awful heatwave. I am so very not here for that. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to chug about a gallon of Vichy water to get rid of this headache.*

* I have actual rehydration stuff. It’s gross and I hate it, but I’m still drinking as much of it as the instructions tell me to. But I still feel kinda terrible all the time. I’ll be better by next week. I hope.