Yesterday I ordered a whole bunch of underwear and sports bras and athletic tights. And it made me feel disappointed in myself. You see, this spring I gave myself the goal that I would never buy clothes again unless it was a very special thing indeed. And I failed at that. I’ve been so focused on creating things that I can wear on the outside that the fact that my underwear is starting to fall apart escaped me. And I need to finish a few projects before I can throw myself headlong into making all the underwear. And sports gear is just, frankly, scary.

So anyway. I failed in my somewhat unrealistic, self-imposed goal. For much of yesterday evening, I kept tearing myself up about it. Until I finally realized that it was completely and utterly useless. I’m still making things that I wear every day. I shot for the moon and I’ve landed among the stars. And I’m pretty sure that I can get to the moon as well, it’s just going to take me a bit longer than I thought.

With all this, I basically want to advocate for you to forgive yourself as well. Failure happens. It’s more important that you get up and keep trying, no matter what failed and what you’re trying to do. And with that, I have some sewing to get done.